Quality of life for your dog

Support, guide and advice to improve the wellbeing of your dog. Using natural techniques that consider the nature and ethology, and their individual characteristics, as well as the context.


Natural Tempos proposes you an integrative education combined with complementary natural therapies.

A holistic vision with the aim of improving the welfare and quality of life of the dog and your life together.

Therapeutic and educational programs designed to accompany and guide you in the analysis of your dog’s needs and environment. Helping you understand his or her communication and the causes of their physical state and behavior, in order to define a new framework in the relationship that is translated into better well-being,  coexistence and social adaptation.

Respectful education with the nature of the dog, and therapies as facilitating tools.

From the most powerful of the therapies, nutrition, to other manuals as popular as massage. All contribute to the restoration of the internal physiological balance, and are completaly complimentary to any educational program or veterinary treatment.

Canine educator and therapist at your service

My name is Sharon, founder of Natural Tempos. Educator, nutritionist and canine therapist.

Bachelor in Pedagogics and Veterinarian Technicien as a background, I graduated more than twenty years ago. My professional career developed in different industries, and I participated in diverse training projects in the business industry. In the last years I have completed my professional training with certificates and diplomas in canine nutrition. I have also completed courses in canine behavior consultancy, ethology and canine education

I am animal therapist educated internationally in physiotherapy and myotherapy, and other techiques such as craneosacral therapy, shiatsu, lymphatic massage, kineseology tapping, tellington ttouch, reiki and Bach flowers.

Cursos de educación canina

Tienes la oportunidad de acceder a un filtro de información muy valiosa, con una selección de terapias naturales para aplicar en tu hogar.

Consultation for the wellbeing of your dog

Sometimes we don’t really know where the problem is, sometimes we don’t know how to deal with it.

Usually, what we see are the symptoms of an issue, the behavior is a reflection of the internal emotional state. The response to the environmental changes. So getting to the origin can be a complicated task, for which we don’t even know where to start.

An external vision, from a canine educator with different perspectives is the best option. And the first step that  gives you the understanding, orientation and guide needed to set a trustful baseline.

Education and general wellbeing consultation for you and your dog

A general consultation to analyse your current situation and find out the origin of educational, health or your coexistence issues. Review of your dog's needs as a species and as an individual, finding the natural match to your day to day. And the creation of a personalized program to help your dog rebalance emotionally and allow you all to live in harmony.

Consultation in nutrition and supplements for dogs

Not all dogs eat the same for their age, complexion or needs. Not everyone has the same preferences or possibilities. But for everyone, we can and must offer them the best option. Being informed is the first step. Check out the best diet for your dog!

Consultation for massage and hands on therapies

Relaxing or stimulating massages, along with other manual therapies such as fascial, craniosacral or shiatsu massage, are working methods that calm and relax our dog as well as stimulate if needed, improving their behavior, recovery, general health and quality of life, and also our bond. Your hands are powerful!

Bach Flowers for dogs consultation

With this consultation you will be able to identify the basic emotions that are expressed through the behavior of your dog. Fear, anger, sadness, frustration or trauma can be difficult to manage and communicate. Bach remedies are combined individually, to respond to each situation. Customized advice allows you to provide an up-to-date response and offers a knowledge base that eventually will allow you to develop your own formulas.

Why Natural Tempos?


Empirical and scientific
evidence backed by
studies and experiences.
Adapted to learn
and practice at
your own pace

Courses, guides and consultation

Based on theory and
supported by practical
real cases for an easy comprehension and
adaptation to your

Diets and

Assessement, revision
and enrichment
of the current diet,
or guide for a smoothy
change to a
more natural diet.

Respectful education

Focused on the
dog and you.
Adjusted to their
natural way of learning
and communicate
their needs
and responses.

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