Our dogs are social and emotional beings

There are many of us who share our lives with a dog or more than one

More and more often, dogs are considered by a large majority as a member of the family, companion or friend. The truth is that they have lived with us for thousands of years. They are social, emotional animals with a great capacity for adaptation, a very valuable quality, although sometimes insufficient.

There are numerous cases in which our animals are overwhelmed by daily situations, emotional and behavioral problems appear, and it is very common that we do not know how to act.

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Approaches, methods of education and training

Models in canine training and education have changed in the last decades radically, which can be confusing sometimes

The areas of behavior, learning theories, traditional and complementary medicine, neuroscience, anatomy or ethology, scientific research and data that define the new trends in canine care and education have evolved very fast. The information that we can access to is large and scattered, sometimes contradictory, and in practice, difficult to apply.

Education is everything, its definition says that education has the meaning of help to develop capacities, physical or mental, transmit knowledge and attitudes. Moreover, education is meant to perfect skills and ability to act in a certain way.

That makes us all educators of our dogs. And at the same time it accommodates all methodologies, although not all of us share them.  Finding not only the one that resonates with our values and lifestyle, but also the one that best fits our dog can be a complicated task.

To me, obedience as a control, no matter how many positive methods are used, it is not an option. 

Moreover, we should all also respect the baseline of animal freedom and wellbeing, and reject those techniques that uses fear and aversives that can hurt emotionally.

I trust the cognitive abilities of dogs to learn from respect, cooperation and coherence. And I also have the conviction, hand in hand with science, that emotional imbalances and anxiety in all its forms, cannot be resolved through behavior modification. Because its origin is at another level, an internal one.

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Natural Tempos

Natural Tempos has born from the personal experience, reason and intuition

From the respect for our dogs and the responsibility of knowing that their lives are in our hands.

Also from doubts, often from a lack of information and others from excess, from the need to understand and being understood. Born at last, to help and share.

Of being aware that the cause and origin of anxiety, stress, fear, insecurity, frustration, pain and illness, and transform it in calm, joy, well-being and health. And understand that behaviors are the expression and the way in which all of us, our dogs too, communicate the emotions that the stimuli of the environment causes in us.

Canine language and the establishing of communication channels between us and our dogs is a fundamental pillar in the relationship.

Understand that the origin of their behaviors or ailments first manifests itself internally, at a physiological level, and that it is visible when it is expressed through behavior, as a message that we must decipher.

And knowing that from home and at our own pace, we can help with an important range of effective alternatives that we can define individually for our dog, and we can complement with educational programs or veterinary treatments, because everything adds up.

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For a coexistance in peace,
to recover the balance
and the "tempo" naturally