Canine therapy methodology

Our dogs are social and emotional beings

As most of us, the day to day overwhelm them at an emotional and physical level.

The rhythm and speed of our lifes has a lot to do with it. Repetitive impacts that accumulate and are reflected in their physical, mental and emotional condition, affecting their health and often in coexistence.

Natural Tempos gives you answers and puts in your hands solutions that will support you in helping your dog recover balance, and enjoy greater well-being and a calm life together.

In the applied therapy courses for dogs, you have the opportunity to access very valuable information adapted for you, with a selection of natural therapies that you can learn and apply at home. That have scientifically proven their effectiveness, and that are backed by thousands of experiences and highly prestigious organizations.


Integrated education and therapies for dogs

The therapeutic and educational program that is proposed will accompany you and guide you in the analysis of your dog’s needs and environment. Helping you understand their nature, communication and the causes of their behavior, in order to define a new framework in the relationship that moves you all into greater well-being, better coexistence and social adaptation.

The guide in canine language, based on ethology, biology or psychology, and understanding the physiological and mental processes of the dogs, will help to define useful tools to apply at home.

Surely the most powerful therapy with the greatest impact on behavior is food therapy. Reviewing the diet and making adaptations when necessary is one of the main proposals.

Some other effective and well-known manual therapies adapted to animals is massage, acting at all body systems level, supporting the body’s own ability to recover internal balance.

Shiatsu, craniosacral therapy, the tellington ttouch method, the Bowen technique, kinesiology, are other complementary options that we can use all, or part of them dependieng each situation, which final objective will also be to recover the state of homeostasis, balance.

And finally, we propose energy therapies such as reiki and flower essences.

Being able to count on a great variety, and deep knowledge, means that we can adapt individually and in combination, to obtain the greatest possible benefit.

educar a un bulldog

Benefits of the canine therapies

An updated methodology, in which the dogs and their needs are in the focus.

Individualized and adapted to your personality and your context, because you want to be prepared to be able to know how to act at all times. Natural Tempos courses and counseling sessions include simple explanations about the factors that affect your dog’s physical and emotional health, and how they express themselves externally, physically and behaviorally.

A guidance and accompaniment that facilitates the understanding of physiological, mental and behavioral aspects, from different areas of study. And it details educational and therapeutic options adapted that can be applied in the home environment.

In the most respectful and kind way, putting their nature, well-being above all else and responding to all their needs.

You will be able to give your dog the confidence and security needed and create a bond that will be the basis for solving any present and future problem

Do you think it is complicated?

Neither is nature, nor your dog. Only listening is needed and respect for their “tempos.

Choose your dog therapy courses, easy to access, forget the complicated texts and terms. You will have videos, practical examples and real cases so that you can adapt them to your life immediately. And if you prefer, I can counsel  you personally.

Natural Tempos shows you in a simple way how nutrition, education and natural therapies improve the well-being and health of our dogs, and benefit your coexistence.
The power of science and some of the therapies with proven effectiveness are within your reach, in your hands. come and meet them.


mejor terapia para perros

Is this about obedience and training?

No, it is not. This is about education, respect and empathy. Education is all. It is about guidance, support and understanding. Respect for the species and their instincts. The way dogs behave and learn and finding the most natural and less invasive way to set the basis for a happy life together.

It is about communication, natural and individual needs, taking into account each one’s “tempo”.

Do I recommend obedience and tricks? It depends.

Taking into account how your dog learns and what motivates him or her is important, because it allows you to teach limits and rules,  and this can literally save his or her life.

Also, if the emotional state is right, there are training games that you can do to improve neural plasticity, which helps with developement and allow the brain stays healthy and at full capacity. Training can create opportunities to reduce stress, impulsiveness, increase control, autonomy, security and confidence.
And above all, when we do fun activities together, our bond stregths.

Under this premise I understand training, using terms such as obedience in a family environment, seems inappropiated.